Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Most Awesome Mental Health Day Ever

I decided Wednesday night that I needed a day off. Seeing that the schedule was open and that I have tons of vacation saved up, I opted to take Friday off. Friday was awesome. Friday was amazing. Friday was relaxing and therapeutic and just what I needed.

The day started early with a trip to Albany to get a couple inches whacked off my hair. For once, I got the exact cut I wanted. It'll take a bit more effort to retrain my hair some, but that shouldn't take too long. The right side seems to cooperate better than the left.

After a hair cut, I popped into the craft store to get fabric. I'm by no means a quilter, but I found an awesome pattern online that kept yelling at me to work on, so I bought a bunch of fabric quarters and planned out my afternoon and evening.

After noon, The Man came home from work, and we had lunch together while my fabric washed and dried. I watched a movie while ironing. The Man took a nap. I cut out all of my pieces--144 of them. By the end of the day, I had four nine-piece sections stitched and the rest ready to be sewn. We had a yummy spicy penne dish for dinner, and we even had time to watch a few TV shows late Friday night.

Saturday arrived too early with a trip to the grocery store. We took back our $5+ worth of pop cans and bought TWO watermelons. They're super ripe and sweet. Though I'd prefer to pay $0.19/lb like in the middle of summer to get Hermiston watermelons, I was pretty satisfied with $4 each for imported ones. For out-of-season deliciousness that The Man and I both love, I'll suffer $4.

We had some friends over for brunch this morning, a true adventure finding enough seating for six people in our tiny apartment. The food was pretty good... my muffins weren't burned at least, thankfully. I have to admit my ever-so-slight disappointment that I finally had professional photographers in our apartment and none of my photography was hanging on the walls. :( I used to have lots of pictures of my own hanging, but we took them down when we hung wedding pictures. It's not like I need to feel vindicated, but somehow it feels like a bigger pat on the shoulder when it's a "professional" compliment versus one from my husband (who is required to be impressed by my attempts). Oh well. I'll keep my camera and my pictures to myself. I'm only taking them for me anyway.

In any case, the apartment is spotless, the chores are done, the kitchen is stocked, The Man is happy, and I'm feeling crafty. Time to go sew fabric together!

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