Sunday, May 30, 2010

Rain, Rain, DON'T Go Away!

Allergy season is on in full force here at Chez Jaggy.  I am almost out of Singulair, so it's time for a visit to the doctor.  I don't understand why the doctor even needs to see me to prescribe Singulair.  As if listening to my chest or taking my temperature will suddenly cure hay fever...  It's not like I'm seeking a controlled substance either.  Singulair doesn't exactly make me feel like I have superpowers: it just allows me to breathe normally (a blessed occurrence to be certain).  Why won't a phone call once a year suffice for an annual visit?

"This is Jaggy, I still have allergies, send me Singulair."
"But you need to see the doctor in person."
"Why? So they make money off the insurance company for my allergies, a disease that will inevitably be considered a pre-existing condition whenever I need fancy drugs?"
"...yes.  And because the doctor needs to know how tall you are.  Again.  Sorry, we didn't write it down the other eleven times."

I just want the Singulair without a stupid office visit to confirm that, yes, I still have allergies.  How hard is that?

Until I get the drug, however, the rain can keep on stickin' around.  While it can make allergies worse by breaking up the pollen particles, it also keeps the air a bit cleaner.  And the grass greener.  And the world so much prettier under a gray sky.  I love rain. :)

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MissKris said...

Believe me, I'm commiserating. If I could, I'd disown my sinuses. Blech.