Thursday, June 17, 2010

Basting Guns are Not For Turkeys

I'm waffling again about whether or not to buy a basting gun to help stabilize my quilt project.  I don't like safety pins, and I absolutely do not want to use straight pins (something about bleeding on a project doesn't appeal to me).  But I'm not sure I need a basting gun.  Will I really use it that much?  Is there a better alternative?

I took a few of my sister's engagement pictures last weekend.  It was more of an adventure to test out some settings on my camera, but we got a few good pictures.  The silhouette option is really cool!  Too bad the location wasn't exactly a great backdrop.  We'll go out and take some more pictures soon.

Busy weekend ahead including having friends over Friday night and strawberry picking and jam making sometime Saturday or Sunday.  I am actually looking forward to most if it--even the dirty berry picking/eating/cleaning part.

Nothing else new to report.  Tired.  Wish it was Friday already.


Jules said...

Sure wish you could have met our grandma and talked with her. I think you two would get along great. I think this with nearly every post you write.

cm0978 said...

Yes, wouldn't she have enjoyed her! She would be so excited with all the projects Jaggy does as well as with her straightforwardness.