Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Candy Sushi

I suppose they aren't "sushi" as much as "California rolls," but since I'm not into the whole seaweed, raw meat, sticky rice, avocado mess, we're going to go ahead and call it candy sushi, okay?  You can leave the lecture on Japanese cuisine at the door.  I don't care.

My sister wanted a Japanese-ish theme to her graduation party.  Aside from my candy sushi, it was an epic FAIL in the theme department.  Oh well.  We all ate waaay too much and had lots of fun.  But the candy sushi was a pretty big hit!

I started off with the Rice Krispie Treats.  That's not an endorsement for any particular brand, but I do buy name brand crisped rice cereal and real Jet-Puffed marshmallows.  You don't have to.  But yours just won't taste as good.  Plus the Rice Krispies have the recipe for the treats right on the box.  I made a half-batch of the box's recipe exactly as written.  Nothin' fancy.

Once it cooled for a few seconds in the pan, I rolled it out onto a Silpat.  The Silpat is a miracle of kitchen helpers that I use at least weekly.  I buttered my hands up and smoothed the treats out (being careful not to burn myself) into about a half-inch thick rectangle about a foot long and four or five inches wide.  Next, gummy worms!  You could use any gummy candy though.  I put two worms next to each other the whole length down, three groups of two worms to span the length of the soon-to-be roll.  Then I rolled it up the best I could being careful to match the ends and pack the treats down firmly as I went.  Once the logs--I made two of them from one half-batch of treats--cooled, I wrapped them in a single layer of green Fruit Roll-Ups.  Shrek 4287 had just premiered, so there was a promotional all-green series of mini roll-ups on the market.  Score!

Using a NON-serrated blade, I sawed through the logs making about 3/4" discs.  I plopped them on a paper plate and called it a day!  They tasted great, were easy to make, and caused me to have lots of leftovers.  I used the extra cereal, marshmallows, and butter to make a full batch of regular treats to go along with the candy sushi treats.  Yay for easy and cute desserts!


Skunk said...

I have to ask. What were the "fails" of the theme? :)

Jaggy said...

Theme 'fails' included a complete lack of decorations, Japanese cuisine (other than my candy sushi), and no Japanese activities, whatever they may be.

We would probably have been closer to an odd old-timey Americana theme considering we had grilled meat, family games, and apple crisp. And it was all good!

Anonymous said...

and don't forget the cute little desert drinks that the graduate had to have. She had the whole color scheme going with all the colored straws and umbrellas, plus the pretty slushy drink! Oh yeah, way to much food and that UNO game was a riot!! I need a rematch!

Jaggy said...

Yes, Mom, there were cute little dessert drinks that our graduate had to have. The color scheme was intense. But if I didn't know better, I'd swear she spiked the crap outta your daquiri.

Ferrsai said...

Those look awesome! Nice job!