Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Four Batch Day

The Man and I got up entirely too early for our liking today.  After a frantic (and fruitless, no pun intended) search for the correct size of Ball freezer jars, we made our way to "our" strawberry patch north of Lebanon.  You must understand, loyal reader, that there is only one place to get the perfect strawberries.  As a child of the "Strawberry City," I have been brainwashed into believing that Good & Miner berries are the best.  I've yet to taste any better berries, however.

With Mom, Dad, Sis, Future-Brother-in-Law, The Man, and myself picking into our own buckets, we were in and out in under half an hour.  Fourteen-plus pounds of strawberries for $20 (including tip) to pick our own berries... not bad!  And after the free-sugar incident, some pectin, Karo syrup, and a few new containers, I think we were out $40 combined.  That's $10 per batch, or about $1.50 per pint of homemade jam.  It'll be cheaper next year since I won't need new containers.  I figure that's about half the price of store-bought crap (you heard me), plus we know exactly what quality berries were used.

We wrapped up the jam making and had everything in the freezer by 1:00pm.  The Man and I swung... swinged... swang? by my sister's new apartment.  She's getting settled in her spacious new digs.  While the bathroom floor plans leave something to be desired, she has a pretty good location and is a straight shot into town and just five minutes from parents should she need a cup of flour.  Or cereal.  I'm voting on cereal.

The Man and I went out to lunch with Sis and her fianc√© before heading home where we promptly crashed.  I cleaned up and froze some of the extra strawberries for us (slicing a few for an ice cream topping tonight), wrote a shopping list, and may or may not have fallen asleep standing up.  We went to Mass, went out to dinner with friends to Block 15 in Corvallis (ate too much), then went grocery shopping.  After lugging our loot back to our apartment, showering, and having a moment to relax, I'm ready for bed.

Four batches of strawberry jam is a LOT of work.  Glad it's over, and happy to reap the--literal--fruits of my labor.  On homemade biscuits.  With homemade butter.  Yeah.  :)


MissKris said...

I'm jealous.

Anonymous said...

It was an awesome day!!! I think "the boys" needs some work on the proper way to "stir". I guess it takes practice, like more than just doing it once or twice. I wonder how many batches of that strawberry freezer jam I have made over the years???