Friday, June 04, 2010

I Went to the Doctor, and All I Got was A Bill

Remember that post from a few days ago where I said I didn't want to go to the doctor just to get a Singulair prescription?  Remember when I said I wasn't sick and didn't feel like the doctor would actually do anything?

I called Monday morning to make an appointment to see my doctor, an internist, in order to get glorious, wonderful Singulair.  She was able to fit me in that day.  Perfect, I thought, I'll be drugged in no time!  So I got off work, picked up The Man from home since he was already home from work, and drove to the clinic.  We checked in and waited just a minute before the nurse called my name.  There was a perfunctory weighing and checking of the blood pressure, and then the nurse left us alone in the little white room.  For half an hour.  The Man and I chatted, mused, and otherwise entertained ourselves without touching every one of the tongue depressors.  Almost breathlessly the doctor rushed in the room.

"Hi, how are you, what are you here for."  Not a question, but a statement.

"I need some Singulair for my allergies."

"Okay, you can call us in a year, and we'll give you maybe six extra months worth.  Come back in eighteen months."

And aside from about ten seconds of small talk, that was it.  She didn't examine so much as a hangnail.  She didn't ask me if I've been tested for allergies (which I haven't--but working in the grass industry and having grass allergies is test enough!).  She didn't ask if I have a family history of allergies (I do).  She didn't even listen to me breathe or cough or sneeze or look up my nose or poke me or anything.  I could have been lying!  Not that I imagine many people lie about wanting Singulair, but still.

So she sent my prescription off to my pharmacy with a couple clicks of the mouse, shook my hand, and left in a hurry, obviously running behind schedule.  Sheesh!  And when I went to the pharmacy later to get my prescription, the pharmacy tech told me they won't fill the prescription without a prior authorization form from my doctor being sent to the insurance company.  Because the insurance company doesn't want to let people have Singulair.

I went to the doctor for absolutely no reason other than to get her to click and magically make the prescription exist, and all I have to show for it is a damn bill.  ...and drugs, eventually.


Jules said...

been there, done that, feel for you!!

Dr. Weirdbeard said...

I did some brief research, and you might want to do some further investigation on Butterbur. Caplets can be purchased from Amazon for $15/bottle

You probably have already tried it, but pseudoephedrine might also work. It's found in Sudafed. I've seen generic brands for as low as $1.60 for 24 tablets.

Rachel said...

Got to love the system. I went to my doctor here in Rio and got annoyed when I was sent out for a series of blood test, urine test, feces test, and an ultrasound to check on my ovaries. And that was just for a check up! Maybe one day everyone can find a middle ground