Thursday, June 10, 2010


It all started with a soccer game.  The Man has joined a summer co-ed league and plays one night a week.  He grew up playing lots of soccer, and it's healthy and pretty safe, so I figure it's fine, right?  Except last night The Man comes dragging home after two games in a row on lungs full of pollen.  His asthma was going crazy, his mood not pleasant, and his body was aching.  He drew himself a bath--yes, bath--and soaked his tired achy bones.  The bath also cleaned his body and helped him relax.

Meanwhile, I'm out stitching away on my latest craft project.  Sewing machine was humming, iron sizzling, fingers getting stuck by pins right and left: all marks of a successful crafting adventure.  Just as I was wrapping up my work for the night, I thought I caught a whiff of a Vick's Vapor Inhaler, my most favorite nose candy when I have a cold (it clears the sinuses, lemme tell ya).  Nah, just my minty gum I tell myself.

Cleaned, refreshed, and ready for bed, my dear husband hobbled over to give me a hug.  I realized just as I opened my arms to greet him that the Vick's wasn't in my head.  And it wasn't Vick's.  My husband had slathered his entire body with IcyHot.  It's a wonder there wasn't any in his hair.  Anyone who says that stuff doesn't smell obviously never stood downwind of someone who covered their whole self.  Seriously, my nose burned.  I couldn't even sneeze my sinuses were so clear.  There was no deep breathing to get through it.  My eyes watered.  I lamented having to sleep next to IcyHotMan.

But I did.  Because I love him.  And the older we get, the smellier we'll be.  Just wait until we break out the Bengay!

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Jules said...

HA! Thank you for the laugh of the day!! You can tell him, from us, Welcome to the club.