Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Maple Deliciousness

I must not forget to tell you about our pitstop on our way to Woodburn this weekend!  The Man and I both grew up near a Roth's IGA.  We were literally raised on Roth's fresh doughnuts.  And with no Roth's to be found in Corvallis-Albany-Lebanon area anymore, we've been sorely missing our favorite morning treats.  Seriously, I've had dreams about maple bars.  "Cravings" doesn't even come close.

We stopped at the Hayesville Roth's and both selected our favorites: a maple bar and a tiger tail for me and two round doughnuts with sprinkles for The Man.  We gorged.  We inhaled.  And we reveled in the goodness.

I am satisfied in a way only a maple bar can.  *sigh*

1 comment:

Kristin Catts said...

Oh man, this makes me want a doughnut!! I've never had Roth's doughnuts before...maybe I'll have to try one sometimes on my way home...