Sunday, June 13, 2010

OSU Graduation, Take Three

I attended my third OSU graduation this weekend, the first one as a participant in 2006, the second as a proud fiancée in 2009, and this time as a proud sister.  Three times was enough.

My sister graduated from OSU with her bachelor's degree on Saturday.  Four-and-a-half years in the making, she got a shiny diploma with her name on it.  The end of school finally arrived for our family!  Well, unless someone decides to go back to school, but I have doubts about that.  I'm done.  Sister's done.  Now to paying off those student loans...

We had a great party with just the immediate family.  The six of us--my husband and sister's fiancé included--had a wonderful dinner, lots of yummy "healthy" desserts (it had fruit in it at one point, so that's healthy right?), and an UNO game that would. not. end.

Friday night was busy making dessert for the party Saturday, and Saturday was busy from 8:00am to 12:45am (yeah, the next morning!), so I didn't exactly have a chance to blog until now.

Sunday morning was quiet, the only reprieve I got in the whole weekend.  The Man and I decided to go price shop some air conditioners for our apartment.  We're determined to not swelter when we can afford a little extra electricity.  On our way to the last store, we saw the Check Engine light come on in my car, and then we saw the temperature gauge at it's highest point.  Not good.  Steam and smoke puffed out the hood cracks.  Really not good.  So we put water in the radiator after it cooled a bit.  I was really surprised to have that problem since we just filled up the coolant tank within the last few months.  Ugh.  We got the car back home okay, thankfully.  The Man's father is going to swoop down to our rescue.  He can fix cars.  We know the radiator is cracked, so The Man's dad got a new one--on a Sunday afternoon no less--and will replace it for us.  If the problem seems too big for him, we will take the car in tomorrow morning to where The Man works and get it looked at by professionals.

I'm oversocialized, got too much sun (which is like fifteen minutes in the real world, but I do not tolerate the sun at all), don't feel particularly great, and have a major car issue. 

As long as it's not the engine though... we keep praying it's anything but the engine.

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MissKris said...

In almost 36 years of marriage I could write a BOOK about car issues, ha! Here's keeping my fingers crossed it's not the engine. We just shelled out $1400 for some major truck issues. SO not fun!