Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why I Hate Providence Insurance

Remember back a few weeks when I went to the doctor for no reason other than to get a refill prescription for Singulair?  And then the insurance company rejected the drug my doctor prescribed?  That's right, the company that pays for the drug disagrees with what my doctor is telling me to take.  Some insurance secretary is disagreeing with a medical doctor.  Grrrreat.

I've received a rejection letter in the mail and stayed in close contact with my doctor's office, but it doesn't look like Providence will budge.  They apparently believe shooting shit up my nose is a better solution than a simple pill.  Bottom line is money, I'm sure, but there has to be a better reason than that.  Singulair may be more expensive than, say, Zyrtec, but it's the only drug in it's class that does what it does.  It's a leukotriene receptor antagonist--fancy words for "keeps allergies under control"--unlike Zyrtec and Claritin which are essentially newer, non-drowsy forms of Benadryl (I love you).  Singulair and Zyrtec both do different things in the body, and they work together to create a better allergy drug.  Yay!  No other drug does that. Pfff.

So I got two more weeks of sample packs free from the nice allergist.  Apparently they understand my plight better than a lame insurance company.  And they're nice enough to give me free drugs.  :D

Hopefully grass will be done pollinating by the end of the month when I'm out of good drugs and can spend real time fighting this damn prescription battle.  It's not like I want barbiturates or oxycodone or some other fancy controlled substance... I just want to breathe clearly without having to look like a narc-ed out druggy using inhalant allergic meds.  The nasal spray... seriously? no.

Hand over the Singulair and nobody gets hurt.

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