Thursday, July 15, 2010

The A/C Bubble Popping Resolution

Quoting our apartment complex manager's assistant's e-mail to me (because he couldn't or wouldn't take care of this himself?):

"It appears that you can misconstrue the e-mail I sent. I should have been more clear, putting plus, not and in my sentence when explaining the charges. Because of this miscommunication, we will not charge you for the parts."

First, YAY for not having to pay more that we were originally told!  In Skunk's words, "There is justice in the world."  The Man and I are both pleased with the overall outcome.  We're glad the complex was able to see our side of the story and realized their error.

Second, I'm not sure having plus instead of and solves anything.  I still read '$40 for parts and labor' the same as '$40 for parts plus labor.'  In fact, I read the second one as even more concrete in inclusiveness.  The complex should rewrite their statement to read "$40 for labor, plus the cost of any additional parts necessary to complete the job."  Those darn commas sure do add up fast.

The Man and I learned our lesson about contracts with our wedding photography, so I felt pretty confident in our e-mail from the apartment complex as binding.  Nothing bursts my bubble more than having something in writing and then having to renegotiate after the fact.

At least this saga is over, and for once the little guys didn't get stomped on.  Justice indeed!


cm0978 said...

Good for you! I'm afraid most of the public world out there says things like "labor plus parts" and means that you must add the two costs together. But at least you found out on a small item and were able to get them to see your way!

Kayla said...

I'm glad you got it sorted!
I agree, I would have read 'plus' as even more concrete that the $40 charge was inclusive of everything!
Good luck with the new place to live search :~)
Emails can definately be used a legal document here in the UK, I had to use them in a nasty photography related court case!