Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching Up in a Flurry

One of the downfalls to not being glued to Facebook every six seconds is that I am not at my computer as much to blog. I still think about blog posts and write things down in my head, but I just don't spend my evenings clicking away anymore. The good news is that I'm actually living life, whether I'm cooking more or spending more time with people. The bad news is that I don't post as often.

I was not feeling well on Sunday after being in the sun and eating way too many sweets Saturday. I tried to get a little done, and I succeeded in getting the necessary laundry done (thankfully), but I did almost nothing else. I didn't even cook beyond throwing chicken in the crock pot and rice in the cooker. Not exactly slaving away in the kitchen (but sooo yummy!).

Yesterday was busier after working all day. I caught up on paperwork, did a bit of reorganizing in the kitchen, and even had time to watch a bit of TV--and fall asleep about ten seconds later.

Tonight will be a busy night, too. My sister is coming over to help me emboss her wedding shower invitations. I have plans to bake cookies and throw a baked ziti dish in the oven soon (cookies, of course, being the priority). Not to mention vacuuming, dusting, and more laundry...

Just letting you know I'm still around and working hard. Married life is so much more busy--not to mention complicated--than single life, that's for sure.

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