Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fahrenheit Makes So Much More Sense Now

The air conditioner has seen its first real use in our apartment.  I would probably count that purchase as one of the top five best purchases for our second-floor home.  We're enjoying the cool breeze and not having to swelter in the 95-plus interior temperatures like last summer!

You know, I never realized how much more sense the Fahrenheit temperature scale makes sense for every-day use.  Sure, Centigrade is fine for science and boiling water and all that, but when I was thinking about it, Fahrenheit makes more sense to me.  See, if it's 0 degrees outside, it's really, really cold.  And if it's 100 degrees outside, it's really really hot.  And if it's 50-flat, it's just fine by me.  40 isn't so bad.  70 isn't so bad.  The extremes are not as much fun.  But with Celsius, Centigrade, whatever, 5 is cold and 40 is really, really hot.  Anything over 40 is scorching, literally.

Now that just doesn't make any sense.

And this from a science major, too!

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Ryan Anderson said...

Thank you for your understanding and not criticism of Fahrenheit in comparison to Celsius and not bolstering the "scientific world" in lieu of a presentable argument that can be relative to the normal person.