Friday, July 30, 2010


And now for something non-medical! Yeah, I know, I'm a mess this week.

It's like Christmas and our birthdays and every other holiday rolled into one here at Chez Jaggy. The Man's shiny new laptop arrived at lunch today when I happened to be home for lunch. He's very lucky I was able to catch the UPS man/woman (can't really tell with ours) and sign for it, otherwise he'd have to wait until next week.

The new laptop has 6x the memory and 4x the hard drive compared to his ancient dinosaur of a laptop. He now has a full HD screen, a 10-key pad built in, and Windows 7 (versus XP/SP2). He's seriously stepping up in the world. His old laptop isn't actually that bad--still runs well, but the hardware is old. I figure his old laptop is probably on par with my desktop from 2006 aside from my 300GB hard drive.

And it feels like Christmas to me, too, since he said I could use his old laptop for my couch surfing! No sense getting rid of it anytime soon if it works. I'll still keep my ancient desktop for most purposes, photo editing primarily, but I can finally have it turned off most of the time rather than leaving it running.

I think we can drop some new memory into the old laptop, do some hard drive wiping and reinstalling, and get it running pretty fast again. The screen is still nice, and the case looks good with very few scratches. Can't really complain aside from some noisy fans. It should get me to the internet and maybe even play a game or two.

Yeah, yeah, Chips Challenge, here I come!

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MissKris said...

Now, if only my daughter figured it's time to update HER laptop! I'm sure I'd inherit her old one. And we have some delivery people where we wonder the same well as some neighbors, haha! ;-P