Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get it OUT!

It's Thursday already, not that I'm complaining mind you. I have had a rough, painful week. Thankfully my stupid ingrown toenail corrected itself and is no longer red or hurting. Perhaps I nicked the side just a smidge too short cutting them last weekend, and the nail was digging in a bit as it grew out.

Meanwhile, with that problem resolved, I've been having some odd pains between my belly button and rib cage. They've been wonky and on and off since I had my constipation episode a few weeks ago. The last couple days have been particularly painful, so I opted to spend Wednesday's lunch hour at Immediate Care.

I hate Immediate Care.

I arrived at 12:15pm for what I was hoping would be a quick in-and-out exam. The waiting room only had three or four people in it. No big deal right? An hour and a half later, I was still sitting in the same chair in the same waiting room with the same people. A little after 1:30, the know-nothing nurse ("medical assistant"--psssh) showed me into the exam room where I promptly waited another fifteen minutes for the doctor to show up. During this wait, I had the pleasure of a man's chorus line as his body played herky-jerky with his stomach acid. Let's just say it was a good thing I had skipped lunch. Finally, around 2:00, the doctor arrived to examine me. I presented with vague symptoms, no temperature, no obvious malady, so he did a perfunctory physical including testing my patellar reflexes (the pain is in my upper abdomen, moron!). He humored my concern by offering to draw some blood for some labs. Yay. Nearing 3:00, the phlebotomist entered the room equipped with what I have to imagine was a full arsenal of sharp, painful weapons. She tapped out my veins, wrapped me with a hose, and jammed a needle into one arm and out the other ear. Vial upon vial of blood later, I was queasy, in pain, and not very pleased. "Oh, did that hurt?" *death stare* I finally got to go home at 3:15. Three hours for two pokes, a blood draw, and time to pee in a cup. I could have done all of that in fifteen freakin' minutes!

My lab tests all came back normal with only my total protein and globulin counts were ever-so-slightly elevated (typically inflammation signs). I went home, had pizza for dinner, and watched a movie with my husband. While we were watching the movie, my guts started burning and hurting and getting really angry. I called my mother after the movie and chatted with her a bit. She reminded me that she had her gall bladder removed just after I was born, and she tipped me off to the fact that my guts ached after greasy food. I haven't been tolerating greasy food or fatty food for quite a while. The centralized pain is typical of gallstones or gall bladder problems.

I hate the fact that the doctor didn't even think of that, given my written family history he had access to (my mom went to that same hospital to have me, to have her surgery, and for most of her life). I may have presented atypically, but after having talked to a nurse hotline, my mother, and a friend, we're all pretty sure it's the gall bladder.  I have an appointment next week with my regular doctor for follow-up.

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cm0978 said...

Oh, yuck -- I'm sorry! Good thing you have your Dr. Mom to fall back on. "Immediate Care" -- no such thing?