Saturday, July 03, 2010

I Don't Do Purses: Part II

I previously ranted about my dislike of all things purse-y.  I hate carrying them, slinging them over my shoulder, and having to care for them.  I hate not being able to find what I need when I need it.  I hate not being able to carry as much as I want.  Purses and I have a long history of not getting along.

For my everyday bag, I converted to a Timbuk2 medium classic messenger bag after college (where Eddie Bauer backpacks were my mainstay going on pretty much 6th through 12th grades).  It was a big deal to me to spend $140 on a bag.  I ventured forth, however, and bought the bag due to the ballistic nylon exterior, the waterproof liner, the many pockets inside, and the clean professional outside.  And I have used that bag every day since 2006.  It's big enough to carry my little camera (not the new one, though it would fit), my entire lunch including a drink, a pad of paper, my wallet, keys, and plenty of other necessities.  It's also small enough that I can carry it into stores without much problem.

But sometimes I just need to go to the store and don't want to lug my messenger bag with me.  I don't need a camera or lunch or anything but my wallet.  With my cell phone in one pocket and always-always-always present Chap Stick and nail clippers in the other pocket, I have to put my wallet in a back pocket like a dude.  This was fine when I was ten years old, but now it just makes my butt look big.

I'm no longer okay with that.

So the month of June was Jaggy's Wallet-not-a-Purse-Hunt.  I looked at leather wallets, tiny strappy pointless feminine wallets, trendy wallets, and wallets that double as coolers.  Seriously, there is some weird stuff out there.  I don't enjoy shopping, and I don't like being in the wallet/purse section, so this was a challenge for me. 

My sister showed me a couple of her wallets, and one of them caught my eye.  She's much more experienced in the ways of Purse Land.  She has been using products from Vera Bradley for many years, and I knew they made bags--nay, purse-y purses.  I didn't know they made wallets, too.  So when she showed me, I was intrigued.  Plenty of room for plastic cards, paper money, a coin pocket, and a little extra space, but that's it.  Just enough.  And it fits under my arm so I don't have to worry about the strappy crap.  No more pocket bulges.  No more needing my entire bag with me.

Though I spent much more than I ordinarily would have on something like a wallet, I'm pleased with the vibrant color and apparently durable construction (we'll see).  Of course, now I don't have much money to put in the darn thing, but we'll get there eventually. :)


Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha.

you said dude. :) i'm rubbing off on you!!

MissKris said...

I haven't been in to purses since middle school. My school days were LONG before backpacks. I had to walk. In the years I lived in Vancouver I always lived at least a mile from schools I attended, if not more, so I had purses big enough to carry Thanksgiving turkeys in if I needed to, just to carry junk back and forth from school to home, vice versa. I don't remember carrying it around in school, tho, but I might have...that was over 40 years ago. Anyway...I had a clutch-type wallet for several years until it got stolen from a Safeway in the 80s, right from under my nose. It had a built-in calculator, I was doing groceries and had it open on the baby seat, turned for a second, turned back, and it was gone. I am absolutely PARANOID about having something like that happen again. So, since then I carry a slim pocket-sized wallet that carries only the basic essentials...license, debit card, library card, and AAA card. I always keep it in my front pocket. A dear internet friend from Australia sent me the coolest one ever that she picked up for me in New Zealand but it wore out. I found a perfect replacement at a Goodwill store. I paid $1.99 for it. Real leather. Love it.