Monday, July 05, 2010

Independence Picnic

The Man and I had a fantastic afternoon with our parents and siblings yesterday.  The eight of us went to the William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge and had a picnic under some shady trees before going on a long walk.  It seems everyone had a nice time.

We were able to take some good family photographs as well as see some beautiful landscapes.  I was particularly surprised that so few people were at the refuge on a holiday weekend: there are dozens of very nice picnicking locations.  Though there were no birds of "importance" to see, we did encounter a couple deer, a snake or two, dragonflies, a heron, and a few buzzy insects that left us alone.

The refuge was just a few miles off the beaten path, but it felt like a good breath of fresh air.  With good conversation, tasty food, and a great walk under our belts, we parted ways and ventured to our various homes.

'Twas a nice, nay, beautiful day.


Anonymous said...

So where is this refuge? Never heard of it. Like your picture.


Jaggy said...

The refuge, Finley, is south of Corvallis about ten miles.

There are three other refuges in the valley, although I don't believe Ankeny is a NWR. E.E. Wilson NWR is north from here and Baskett Slough is outside Salem. From my limited experience, Finley is the hidden gem. :)