Monday, July 26, 2010

It's just one stupid malady after another!

I swear, as soon as I get one medical oddity cleared up something else comes along.  My bowel issues have "flushed" themselves out, thankfully.  Everything is moving along nicely.  I have been really careful to drink more water (a large pitcher every day) and eat a balanced diet.  An apple a day, indeed!

Meanwhile, I've developed an ingrown toenail on my right second toe.  It hurts.  I'm going to soak it tonight and keep it elevated as much as I can.  My shoes are anything but tight--and I have plenty of toe wiggle room in all of my shoes.  I cut my nails straight across (except for the big toe which has to be curved or I risk bloodying the backs of my heels when I walk).  I don't know what else I may have done to cause it... sometimes they just happen from what I've read.

I am just trying to be thankful (through the pain) that all of my ailments thus far have been transient and easily remedied.  UTIs, bowel issues, ingrown toenails, migraines...

But dammit, they're all really painful!

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