Thursday, July 08, 2010

Netflix Redux

The Man and I discussed our options when it came to movies, and we decided to join Netflix.  I forget if I had Netflix or Blockbuster when I was in college, but that worked really well then.  The Man and I had previously been using the instant-watch feature on his mother's account, so we were getting plenty of movies, but none of them were remotely new.  For less than $15/month, we can each rent one movie at a time.  We have our own lists even!  If it takes one day for the movie to get to us, a day to get around to watching the movie, and a day to send it back, that's a three-day cycle.  We'll each be able to rent a maximum total of ten movies a month, or twenty between us, over the course of a month.  Plus we'll have our own lists to maintain, which means a much wider variety than that offered by Redbox for less money.  Not to mention access to all of the instant-watch movies we want--on his half of the account (which is lame, Netflix, lame).

I figure if we get half of the ten movies each, say ten total movies a month, that's $1.50 each.  If we watch any TV shows or other instant-watch movies, we're still getting a better deal than Redbox with a much greater selection and not having to drive to the darn Redboxes.

I'm considering getting rid of our cable service entirely when we run out of our promotional period.  Then I'll be rid of the evil Comcast nightmares forever! Muahahaha!  Not that I particularly enjoy Netflix more than Comcast, but at least my arm doesn't hurt when I pay $15 to Netflix in the same way it aches handing $32 (including freakin' taxes--in Oregon no less) to the Xfinity/Comcast monster.

Maybe we'll put our $17 savings using Netflix instead of cable toward new cars... *dream*


cm0978 said...

I can imagine who came up with the idea of putting your savings towards the purchase of a car! Did he pick out the color of the Lexus yet?

Jeff W said...

Ya, I like having Netflix. So much better than cable! Also, *poke* :p