Monday, July 12, 2010

Projects Here and There and Everywhere

Friday night was busy with quilting.  I have all of my 1/8th-inch ribbons sewn onto my quilt.  Now I just have to do the 1/4-inch ribbons between the major color blocks and bind it.  Once the quilt is bound, I think I might embroider the black edges by hand.  I'm feeling very comfortable with embroidery now that I've done three tea towels with various stitches, so once the last two are done there, I'll wrap up the quilt project.  Hopefully by Christmas...

Saturday was busy as well.  I went to Albany to see my parents really fast and drop off some picture frames Mom had me fill for her.  Then I hopped over to my sister's apartment to help her run some errands and work on her wedding invitations.  We had a fantastic lunch out for Mexican food--one food type The Man doesn't appreciate as much as I do, so I indulged.

I was industrious Saturday evening after Mass: we went grocery shopping for the week, showered, caught up with a college roommate on the phone, hand-scrubbed the vinyl floors (yeah, my arms hurt afterward), and finally crashed about 10pm.

Sunday was less crazy and much more relaxing.  The Man's aunt and uncle came down to visit us for a while.  We had a nice chat.  After they left, I folded myself into the couch for several hours.

Somewhere in all the errands this weekend, I got on the hunt for a certain shape of cookie cutter.  I've been to Michael's, Bi-Mart, K-Mart, BBB, and The Inkwell so far... maybe Freddies will have some seasonal ones.  It's an odd shape, and I suppose I could use a knife, but I'd rather not.  Grrr.  I can't share the shape as I am using it for my dessert this coming weekend for The Man's family's annual dessert contest.

Tonight includes a search for a stamp, some velcro, and some sort of bagging or cup-like device for my treats.  The stamp is not for the treats.  The stamp is for a different project.  The velcro is for yet another project.

Are you sensing the trend in my life? :)

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