Monday, August 23, 2010


I popped on to my blog this weekend between trips and baking and working too much and found that I now have fifty blog "followers!"  I only know a few of you in real life, so it's exciting and a little bit scary for me to wrap my head around non-real-life-friends actually digging anything I say.  But you apparently do.  And I'm humbled and flattered and just really happy people find me remotely interesting.

It always feels good to feel liked and wanted.

Okay, maybe you don't want me or even like me or even really know me, but still. 

I'm happy you're here.  Thanks for reading.  See you tomorrow with more exciting adventures.

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Lockwood said...

Congratulations! As another local blogger of (ahem) minor status, I know quite well how exciting these "meaningless" milestones are. It may not mean anything to most others, but it's thrilling to those who care. Keep up the good work, and I won't need to wish good luck going forward!