Sunday, August 08, 2010

Baking Binge

After slaving away yesterday over a hot pot of soup, you'd think I wouldn't want to be in the kitchen at all today, right?  Pretty much.

Except The Man has been asking me to make homemade soft pretzels again, and I had all the ingredients, and I wasn't doing anything else.  So I whipped out a batch in under two hours.  Boiling water, oven up to 425°, and a steaming dishwasher behind me.  It was hot in the kitchen.

I made blueberry muffins for breakfast (boxed mix, but real blueberries!).

I'm considering baking homemade beef taquitos for dinner to go along with fresh salad greens and maaaaaaaybe some sort of rice side dish.

Dinner is all going to be leftovers, too, since I pre-made taco meat a month ago and froze it for just such a purpose (laziness or smart decision, I can't tell).  If only I could figure out what other kinds of things I can make ahead...

Still two big bowls of soup in the fridge--great for dinner tomorrow.  As much as I love it when The Man sinks his teeth into still-warm, soft, salty pretzels, his eyes light up with little boy delight, and he wraps his arms around me thankfully, my feet say no more cooking.

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