Sunday, August 29, 2010

Congratulations to Michael and Whitney!

Just married and ready to lift off!

My little sister (and only sibling) got married Friday morning in a hot air balloon.  They had a reception for family and friends the following day.

Thursday night was spent packing and preparing for our 4:00am wake-up Friday morning.  We drove up to Keizer for the balloon launch.  The morning was cold with only a thin, spotty layer of clouds.  A not-quite full moon illuminated the park until the sun poked its head up.  Shortly after 6:30am, the balloon was inflated and the couple recited their self-written vows.  The groom's brother and a bridesmaid joined them for the flight over the city.  I took over five hundred photos throughout the morning, even following the balloon chase vehicle with my own to get pictures of the landing.  We all returned for a wonderful continental breakfast at the launch site where we learned much about the history of hot air ballooning.

Friday night was spent at the reception location setting up for the next day.  Mom, Dad, The Man, myself, the newlywed couple, and his parents and brother were all on hand to move chairs and tables and decorate the facility.  Zombies though we may have been, the tables looked beautiful with the orange and silver decorations!  I was up until 1:00am (a twenty-hour day save the two-hour mid-afternoon nap I so desperately needed) editing the pictures from the morning's balloon launch.

Saturday morning dawned far too early.  I spent the morning wrapping up the photo editing and turning the best pictures and their engagement photos into a slideshow to play at their reception.  After much difficulty, we hastily drove to the reception where I ultimately took another three hundred photographs.  Good food, lots of chatting and making new memories.  I even whipped out a Matron of Honor speech to the couple, one that I hope will be as meaningful in a year as some of those we heard at our wedding were to us.

Today, the happy couple ventured to the coast with their families (his visiting from out-of-state).  What an exciting three days!

Congratulations, sis, on your big day! 

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