Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hooked on Anthony Bourdain

I purchased Kitchen Confidential this weekend, Anthony Bourdain's first bestseller.  It's about how he became a chef (and later a travel host on the Travel Channel--but the book doesn't go quite that far).  He's funny in a wry, sentimental, but straight-faced sort of way.  He cooks and writes about cooking with passion beyond anything I've read or seen on TV.  Even his description of a chef's knife is swoony, if such love and respect for a humble blade can be swoony.

I love reading biographies, and Bourdain doesn't fail to inspire or warn about the kitchen.  I've been thoroughly convinced that fish should be consumed mid-week and never on Mondays.  I learned that fancy German or Swiss knives aren't worth the cost of the wooden handle, but that a good blade is worth its weight in gold.  Bourdain's travel exploits are legendary tales told in their raw--and detailed--glory.

It's an excellent book.  I even learned new words--a feat rarely accomplished by writers on the bestseller list.  I highly recommend reading Anthony Bourdain's books if you get a chance.

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