Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hot Air Balloon Cake

I made this cake for my sister's wedding shower this weekend.  It's a hot air balloon.  Mind you, this is only the second real cake I've ever decorated (and the other one was fondant!).  I used buttercream for all of the decorations.  I made a confetti cake at my sister's request.  The orange was easy to do since I had orange food coloring, but silver/grey was tricky since there is no silver/grey food coloring.  A smidge of lavender mixed with the tiniest amount of yellow resulted in grey frosting.  While it might not be the prettiest cake of them all, the colors matched her wedding colors, my basketweave is stellar, and the cake tasted good.

I'm all for being able to decorate a cake, but the cake better taste good, too!

And now I am officially done making cakes for hire.  Sticking with photography and cookies and being a wife and only having to cook for my two-person family and not living up to insane standards of cake decorating (bring on the single-layer pyrex pan cakes, thank you very much!).


MissKris said...

That is so cute! My neighbor took cake decorating classes a couple years ago and now, in retirement, is making extra money decorating cakes. Might keep that in mind for'd be AMAZED at how fast the years are going to whiz by you, Mrs. Jaggy.

Jules said...

very nice!

Jeff W said...

Sweet 3D cake, and you don't even need special glasses! :p Congrats to Whitney!