Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One Week Caffeine Free!

It's been one week since I had any caffeine!  The weird thing is that I haven't really had cravings.  I know I'd still love Diet Coke, but I have absolutely no desire to drink any of it.  I tried to talk to The Man and explain that I simply quit drinking caffeine last week, but he didn't--and I think couldn't--understand me.

I didn't stop for my health.
I didn't stop because I got tired of drinking pop or stopped enjoying it.
I didn't stop because of the obnoxious withdrawal when I didn't get caffeine.
I didn't stop because someone made me.

I stopped drinking caffeine because I didn't want to drink it anymore.  I didn't want to have to buy it anymore.  I just didn't want it.

Of course, there were a few pops over the course of the week, all caffeine free.  I am branching out!  A couple weeks ago I surprised myself by buying juice.  Yes, juice.  Jaggy, the hater of all things fruity bought juice.  And liked it.  It was an organic strawberry-apple-kiwi concentrate that was super tasty frozen into mini popcicles too!

Don't fret, dear readers, there's still no chance of me becoming a milk drinker... yuck!


Jules said...

so why are you not drinking caffeine?

Jaggy said...

Because I just don't want to drink it anymore.

Dr. Weirdbeard said...

I bet you are eating caffeine.


Anonymous said...

Oh my, this is big news!