Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Shopping Success!

The Man and I made a trip up to Salem this weekend for his birthday dinner (the second, this time with his family).  We stopped quickly at the mall where I tried on some pants again that I wasn't sure about last weekend.  This time, I made my mind up and went for it.  Two new pairs of Worthington dress pants--a garment severely lacking in my wardrobe (zero anyone?).  I bought a grey pair and a black pinstripe pair.  The Man also got himself a new hooded sweatshirt jacket thingy.  All together, we spent just under $50.  Not bad, I'd say.

Sunday morning, we went grocery shopping after Mass.  We took our time gathering meals upon meals worth of food, much of it raw or ingredient-like (as opposed to processed, canned, or frozen).  Between my grandmother's $10-off coupon, a 10%-off coupon I got in the mail, and several coupons I scored online or in the circular, we saved 37% off our cost!  I think that's a new record for us.  Of course, we did spent just about $100 for two weeks worth of food (minus bread and milk), but the savings were awesome!

And then there's the issue of spices at WinCo.  I strongly dislike waiting in lines at WinCo, so we rarely shop there, but I stopped Sunday evening to pick up some bulk spices.  Seriously, if you need spices, go to WinCo.  I got enough parsley to fill up my shaker container for less than $0.10.  I got enough nutmeg, thyme, sage, and paprika to last until Kingdom come all together for less than $1.00.  The gummy worms that just happened to follow me home were the most expensive thing I bought, and even that was much, much cheaper than anywhere else (and they're the better quality, too!).  I'm definitely headed back to the bulk section again soon.

Maybe now I can convince my husband to let me get more of those OXO pop containers that I love so much--you know, to store bargain-priced oatmeal and tea and rice and other food we so desperately need. ;)

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