Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Soupiest Soup Ever

Today was a mish-mash of errands and cooking.  The Man and I set off at 11:00am to drop off an application for a different apartment complex.  We like where we're living, but we need more space.  There's a complex about a mile away from us that offers more than 250 square feet above what we currently have for $10/mo less than we're currently paying.  Needless to say, we got our names on their waiting list as soon as possible. 

Next, we went grocery shopping.  That... was not so exciting.  But we did get a watermelon grown in Pasco, Washington, that turned out to be delicious.  We popped home for an hour to put our grubs away and eat lunch.  I grilled up some turkey burgers, opened The Man's bag of puffy cheese curls, and sliced up melon for us.  We ate very well. :)

After cleaning up, we hopped in the car and ventured south to BBB, Michael's, Borders, and Bi-Mart.  The Man and I both scored books 25% off, a single crafting item, another OXO Pop container (so now I can buy the 5lb bags of sugar!), and gummy vitamins.  I'll let you guess who put those in the cart.

We finally got home around 4:00pm.  I set out to make chicken noodle soup.  Earlier in the day, I purchased split chicken breasts instead of breast fillets.  The price was much, much easier on my wallet.  But as I set out to de-bone two hurkin' breasts, I quickly realized why the prices are so different.  I got as much meat off the carcass as my patience allowed and tossed it in water to poach.  Next time, I'm going with the fillets.  Lesson learned!

By 6:00pm, I'd researched watermelon slushies  (dessert!), tossed noodles in the soup, showered, and started on my craft project.  And now it's almost time to eat.  Finally.

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Anonymous said...

I've been to Pasco, WA. On a train. :)