Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ta Da!

What started out as whole pieces of fabric was cut, sewn, ironed, and quilted into my first quilt.  I intended it to look like stained glass, but I think it would have looked more like glass with more colors.  All-in-all, not bad for a first stab I think.  The lines are clean, the points mostly matching, and it's all done with my one little machine (yeah, hand quilting? no way).  I probably spent twenty or thirty hours total on it, not including shopping and planning my design.  The final cost for fabric, batting, ribbon, bias tape, and thread probably came in just under $60.  Dimensions are approximately 42"x42".  The perfect sized quilt for absolutely nothing! :D

More photos can be found on my Picasa Web Album.


Jules said...

wow! impressive! and very cool. I actually prefer the hand quilting part over the piecing together part. :)

Anonymous said...

Really impressed - now do the hand quilting. I love to handquilt - very relaxing. Gives me time to think of other things while I do it. How are you holding the batting to the front? What color did you put on the back.

Jaggy said...

Marilyn and Julie: you guys are nuts for enjoying the hand-quilting part. I have no patience for that!

The color on the back is the same black fabric as on the front.

The quilt "sandwich" is actually quilted by machine. Between each of the color blocks is a thin black line. That black line is a ribbon that I stitched over the intersections of all of the pieces, plus it's the quilting lines that holds everything together.

I do NOT like quilting. Piecing is awesome, quilting is a nightmare.