Friday, August 13, 2010

Those Post-Wedding Questions

I have been asked several times in the last few weeks how long I've been married.  I always start with a great hesitation as I mentally count the months.  Some people giggle when I tell them we're newlyweds.  Some people are really excited and like to share their stories (which I mind much less than wedding stories).  And some people still want to see "the ring" and estimate what an awesome catch I hauled in from the great ocean.

I have only received the often-dreaded "when are you going to have children" question a few times.  Most people have asked kindly and haven't been put off by us giving ambiguous or non-specific answers.  We have talked about it so many times.  We both want kids very, very much, but we also want to be able to provide for them adequately (and we're just now getting ourselves sorted out!).

There were a few couples--not friends--that got married at the same time we did (same day for one couple).  I've had the luck to bump into those couples recently.  We compared notes on our first year as married people and came to similar conclusions.  The first year hasn't been so bad.  In fact, it's been easier in many ways than we expected.  Some days are better than others.  Some days we aren't communicating on the same levels... or even in the same languages... but we're working on learning from those days.

We've been married just a few days shy of ten months, almost "oldlyweds" in my book.  We're happy as we can be, comfortable, and doing darn good.

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