Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Countertops!

Our apartment complex graciously offered to pay for new countertops in our unit after we moved in since the ones that were there were pretty ugly and scratched badly.  We used to have canary/mustard/tan countertops, and now we have black, brown, and cream.  They look much, much nicer.

The best part?  The contractor didn't even have to take the counters out!  They "reglazed" the tops in place.  The canary/mustard/tan stuff is still there, just underneath the pretty new stuff.  The contractor explained to me that it's sort of like paint used on cars, except they don't spray the huge, heavy clear coat on top (because who needs to drive a kitchen at 60mph down the highway?).  It will be maintained just the same way as laminate, just wipe and go.  Don't put hot things on it (duh), and don't cut directly on it (duh), and don't use scratchy things on it (duh).

So our apartment is a little tiny bit smelly from all the spraying the contractor did, sort of like a mild nail salon, but it's quickly dissipating.  Since we closed our bedroom doors, there's no smell back there.  We can use the bathroom sink (they did the counter there too) to brush our teeth tonight, and we can be "in business" in the kitchen by noon tomorrow.

Oh, and the company that did the counters was StrongArm Reglaze.  They're out Springfield, a family-owned company, and the guy that came and worked in our apartment was SUPER nice.  He was thorough and kind and treated our place very well.  You can look them up online.  They advertise themselves as a "green" company seeing that they spray over existing counters, tubs, and sinks, rather than replacing the entire thing.  I'm impressed!  (That was an unpaid testimonial... I never make money on my poor bloggy.)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Love Lamp

It is an interesting experience to have to walk out of a bedroom, down a hallway, and around the corner to get to the kitchen. I haven't experienced such distance between bed and sink in three years.

The Man and I sat down last night to our first real homemade dinner at our dining table. Aside from when we had friends over, we never ate at our dining table in our old apartment. There wasn't space to leave it out with chairs all around it, so we put two chairs in a closet and pushed the table against a wall. It was used more for crafting and folding clothes than anything. To be able to sit across from one another and talk while we eat is an odd thing. I am excited to do more of it though!

I've only noticed a few negative points to our new apartment. One, it gets very, very dark inside at night. We need more lamps and night lights. I'll see what I can pick up at Home Depot tonight, because stumbling around in the dark is NOT fun. The other big negative is the shower head height. Even with an attached shower head that sticks up higher than the arm coming from the wall, both of us have to duck a bit to get under the shower head. And we're not exactly "tall" at a whopping 5'8". I think I can get an extender thingy that works with our shower head/hose setup, but we'll see...

More money to spend. That's the story of my life right now.

Monday, September 27, 2010

One Last Look

I vetoed the idea of accomplishment today and settled for crafting and creating.  I did have to go over to the old apartment today and pick up our last mail and do the walk-through.  They said we did a fantastic job cleaning and will probably only charge me for the carpet cleaning (which is total crap--that should be a fee they absorb).  I was both sad and happy to be moving on and taking that one last look around my very empty apartment.  The more I am here at the new place, the happier I am, but it's still sad to leave the other apartment.  That was home for the last three years.

In a sweaty-hot hour of productivity, I scoured the kitchen and bathroom floors and mopped all of the hard floors really well.  There's some funky stuff along the edge of the bathtub that might need to be caulked over now that I'm sure it's clean, but otherwise the floors are looking much better.  Professional cleaners apparently came through the place before we moved in, but they obviously were working blind or limbless or not really at all.

Just have to make dinner and hang some pictures and I'm done for the night.  Done, as in, not moving from the TV or computer chair or bed except to move between the three.  Work tomorrow. *sigh*

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pushing too Hard

We are completely unpacked.  We packed, moved, and unpacked everything we own (and a few things we may or may not "officially" own) in four days.  I'm not saying we simply moved it and are living out of boxes, oh no, we're done.  We can have company over.  I'll hang a few pictures tomorrow just to make the place look lived in, but I don't really consider artwork part of unpacking.

I learned something important about myself in this move.  Sometimes I'm a little to dogged in getting everything done in one day.  I worked really hard yesterday to get stuff situated.  I pushed hard until at least 10:00pm, stopping only to eat lunch with our moving crew and dinner with The Man's brother.  I finally reached a point where I could not get up without nearly falling over.  "Put one more thing away," I kept telling myself, "just get this box done."  Five boxes later, I was still moving.  But box number six had to be put aside for a shower. 

I went to bed around 11:30pm or so and slept through my alarm until well past 8:00am.  The Man and I got up and ran a bunch of errands.  Just after lunch, I sort of melted.  Not emotionally, just a physical melting.  My head started pounding, my body weak... The Man told me to take a nap.  Much as I don't like naps, I didn't argue.  He covered me with my blankey, gave me a kiss, and left me to sleep for nearly two hours.

That was the best two hours of my entire weekend.

Between 4:00pm and 6:30pm, we worked together to organize our extra bedroom's closet on the new shelves my sister bought us with the matching tote bins The Man's parents helped us buy.  It all looks so nice.  I need to get a few of the larger totes to replace copy paper boxes, but that can wait for sales and coupons.  I thought I could be all ambitious and get the hard floors scrubbed today, but that'll be my one big project for tomorrow.

We took a break tonight to go to Mass where neither of us had to look at a box, a project, a list... and we came home to a fully unpacked apartment.  Yes, I pushed myself too hard, but we're done.  Phew.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

We Moved!

In one day, with incredible help from our family and friends, The Man and I have moved all of our stuff from one small apartment to one larger apartment.  We have more furniture and less closet space.  Although we don't have much space to store linens, we have second bedroom and finally have both of our desks in the same room!

The kitchen is 98% done, the bathroom done, the bedroom done, the books nearly done, and the Internet connected.  Aside from tying up a few loose ends, we're already unpacked.

And the old apartment is already completely clean.

I am going to bed now, and I may or may not be able to get up tomorrow.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Moving Boxes Everywhere

Today was an expensive day.  Between the necessities like laundry soap and batteries and contact solution to the new shelving systems for the new apartment and a haircut for me, I spent a hefty sum today.  Aside from the shelves, though, everything was sort of standard budget stuff that we would have had to buy sooner or later anyway.  I had a bunch of coupons, and lots of it was on sale, but still.  *sigh*

Tomorrow is our big moving day.  We're having a sort of moving party with family and friends helping us.  It's going to be a long day.  Before then, I need to clean the bathroom completely so I can switch our fancy showerhead for the crappy one that came with the apartment.  I refuse to clean a shower without a showerhead on a hose.  I also need to empty the kitchen and wipe everything out.  Between those two things, I think I'll be swamped for the rest of the day.  I'm going to try to use baking soda and vinegar for most things to avoid so many chemical fumes.

People have asked me if I'm excited to move into a new apartment.  I'm a little excited and a little sad.  Nearly three years (to the day!) ago, I signed my first lease. I remember moving home after college and then working so hard to find work and pay back my parents and move out on my own.  Those were not my best sixteen months.  Being out on my own, not just financially but in every way, has made such a huge difference in my life.  My apartment represents, to me, that independence.  Leaving my first apartment is sort of hard.  I love The Man, and I am so happy to be married to him, but there's that part of me that loves being home alone (except at night).  I know we're going to a bigger, cheaper, quieter, less-second-floor, apartment.  But this place was my first "mine."  My first place where what I say goes.  My first chance to set the rules.  My first big responsibility to maintain. 

I keep running a quote through my head, a Captain Jack quote from Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl.  "That's what a ship is, you know. It's not just a keel and a hull and a deck and sails, that's what a ship needs but what a ship is... what the Black Pearl really is... is freedom."  And I think of my apartment along the same lines: it's not just a floor and walls and windows and doors, that's what a home needs, but what a home really is is freedom.

Tomorrow I get a new home.  Our home.  A little sad, but a little excited too.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A New Rule that I Just Made Up (re: DWTS)

As a dancer myself, I don't often tune in to watch Dancing With The Stars.  While the contestants may be stars, they aren't exactly dancing.  They're performing choreography.  And I assure you, there is a huge difference between knowing what is coming next and not knowing what move a partner will throw at you next.  The Man and I dance, that is, make it up as we go along.  I'd argue it takes much more knowledge of the dance to be able to respond on the fly than to simply choreograph a routine and do the same patterns over and over and over.

So I have a new rule for the show: contestants cannot have any prior dancing or choreography experience.  No tap dance, no ballet, no jazz, no ballroom, nothing related to dancing after the age of seven.  Any prior experience with dancing or choreography can give contestants a significant advantage over the other competitors.

Remember what happened last season with Donny Osmond?  I have nothing against Mr. Osmond, but his lifetime of stage performance and choreographed routines gave him a huge boost.  He mastered dances faster and better than the other contestants because he has practice doing exactly that.  I imagine Jennifer Gray's situation will likely be the same this year.  The only reason I think she wouldn't win is because she doesn't have the 40-to-50-something female fan base like Mr. Osmond (not to mention a certain religion's vote).

As the rule has been pronounced, so shall it be written.  No prior dance experience for DWTS competitors.  Zilch.  End of story.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Living out of Boxes

It's a weird feeling to see your entire life put in boxes.  I feel good that we had to wait until the last minute to box things up because we actually use the things that need to go into boxes.  I feel really guilty seeing that many boxes.  Then I remind myself that half of the boxes currently filled contain only books.  Not really sure what to think of the amount of books The Man and I have: either we're really smart or we're really crazy.

Speaking of crazy reading (odd segue), we recently watched a fantastic movie: Into the Wild.  The movie kept appearing in my Netflix recommended list, and I kept putting it off thinking it sounded hippy-dippy stupid.  It's NOT!  The movie is a true story about a guy just a year or two younger than me giving up his privileged life and living as a wanderer and finally an Alaskan wilderness survivor--for a while.  Telling you the movie is tragic pretty much gives away the fact that the guy dies in the end, but it's such an amazing film.  Sean Penn directed, and several scenes were filmed in Oregon.  The main actor did all of his own stunts and lost over forty pounds toward the end of the filming process to portray the character accurately.  It's stunning.  And it's all true (with very small liberties taken for the movie).

Just goes to show me that I don't really need all the stuff I have in boxes.

(But I'm keeping it anyway--because the guy died in the end, a pretty good indication that we do need some stuff.)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring

The old adage of, "when it rains, it pours," rarely holds true for Oregon.  It usually just rains.  Last night, however, in the only two-minute stretch we actually had to be outside, it. flat. poured.  Between the store and our car, both The Man and I were completely soaked, and I thought we parked pretty close.  I think it was all the humidity we've had finally condensing and breaking loose.  Driving slowly through town was difficult with so much rain.  But I'm glad the rains are back.

Friday night was an adventure.  The Man had a soccer game, so I went to my parents' to spend time with my cousin and his family who were in town for the OSU game this weekend.  They have three children, one in school and two younger ones.  The kids don't really remember me from one visit to the next, but they're learning.  We had a great time packing around a purse with fake lipstick and playing with many of the toys Mom saved from my childhood.  I didn't get home until almost midnight--a late night out for me!

Saturday was super busy.  The Man went to his best friend's to help with some lifting or moving or something, and then the guys played video games together all day.  I spent five hours custom designing our moving announcements and hand-drawing the map for the inside.  I also got a bunch of pictures printed and picked them up, did two loads of laundry, got the grocery shopping done for the week, packed several more boxes, and quilted a bit.

Today's goals include packing up most of the kitchen, ordering our new furniture, and more quilting.  Oh, and relaxing.  If I get that last one accomplished, it'll be a successful day. :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Muggy Balmy Blah

I haven't had much to talk about this week.  It has been warm and humid in the valley, so I haven't really done anything.  The Man and I packed our books up--that took over an hour.  I plan to finish the packing this weekend and early next week.  We hope to move the majority of our stuff late next week.

I did get to quilt a bit each night.  I have the center four pieces together with the plan to get another strip on each block tonight.  Takes time to do 41 of the same stitch for each block, but I run the blocks through one after another and whip things out quick.

We're headed out to dinner tonight with one of The Man's college friends.  Besides getting to quilt and dinner, I just want to sleep.

Bring on the good rain, the cool temperatures, the real Oregon autumn!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Can't wait to move!

Remember back to this spring when we had the huge go-around to get our air conditioner installed at our apartment complex?  Remember how that cost us $40 for labor, and then they tried to charge us for parts and we quoted them back as saying $40 for parts and labor?  Well they took our screen away, caulked the air conditioner in, fastened it with sloppy work to the window sill, and dented our air conditioner.  And now we'll be paying an additional $40 just to have them take it out.  I have a sneaking suspicion we'll be paying to repair the damage on the window sill even though we didn't cause it.  And our air conditioner is still dented.

When I moved in to the complex, they paid for expanded basic cable.  About eight months ago, they decided to offer free DSL instead of free cable.  We switched with them and ended up saving a bit of money in the process.  $10 per month over the cost of our rent for 7mbps DSL and cable we have to get through Comcast.  Now they want us to pay $45/month for less bandwidth and pay for our own cable.

And they didn't even open up the car wash stalls for the complex all summer and made a rule that we can't do anything in our own parking spaces, so we've had to go to our parents' houses or the car wash (which is what we prefer, but it's the principle!).

I have so many high hopes for our move next week.  I can't wait!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Achin' Backs All Around

It has been a long weekend at Chez Jaggy.  Wednesday night, The Man injured his back while playing soccer.  He didn't get hurt, he just tweaked it somehow and sent his entire lower pack into spasms.  Thursday morning was an adventure trying to get him to immediate care and then to the pharmacy for happy pills.  As he could barely get up without assistance, I was home all day with him.  I worked Friday, and he managed to go a half-day.  Friday night was pretty lazy until we went to watch his soccer team play a later game (The Man was sad to not play, but even watching was uncomfortable for him).

Saturday was a lot of work.  We got up early and went to a local car dealership where we test-drove a fancy schmancy new Camry.  Since The Man works at a dealership, he's around new cars all the time.  And his car just turned 500,000 miles, so he's on the market.  With two incomes (yay!), we have zero debt except our student loans (there's not really any incentive to pay those off in the next year).  A new car may be in our not-so-distant future.  We left the dealership and drove to my parents' house.  There, The Man took a long, restful nap to relax his back while Mom, Dad, and I shored up the bottom edge of their new fence and filled in river rock all along the bottom edge.  I probably filled fifty or sixty two-gallon buckets with river rocks while Mom emptied them just after Dad got the boards in the right place.  We were outside for probably two hours working hard.  They needed to drive up to McMinnville for something, so we all hopped in the car and drove up there together.  We may have taken a detour through Tigard to Sweet Tomatoes, but my memory isn't so good, you see. :P

Sunday has been busy.  The Man and I went for a beautiful (hot!) walk out at Fitton Green.  I processed three loads of laundry, two dishwasher loads of dishes, and started piecing my quilt.  Grandma was kind enough to give me a dozen quart wide-mouth mason jars to use in my "pantry."  I put things like brown sugar and chocolate chips in them, and then I put the plastic screw-on lids on the jars.  Nothing is actually "canned" as much as stored air-tight.  I only have four or five of the jars filled at the moment, but once we get moved, I can get a few more bulk goods to put in them.  My flours and sugar are stored in OXO pop-top containers, which I love, but at $15 each, the mason jars are a much better deal (free jars, $4 for 8 lids at Bi-Mart).  Not to mention I can always use them for real canning if I ever need to do that.

Now I just have to make dinner, make cookies, and work on my quilt.  Oh, and keep packing...

Friday, September 10, 2010

It's called a WALK, not a Zone Out

So I was driving home yesterday and saw a woman taking her child for a walk.  The woman wasn't out of the ordinary, nor is a mommy and her child walking particularly unusual.  The woman was pushing the child--clearly older than a toddler--in a stroller.  It wasn't a big-wheeled athletic-looking stroller, nor was it an umbrella stroller.  Sort of a stroller in the mid-range type.  I looked at the child and noticed one very startling thing: the kid wasn't even paying attention or interacting with the world.  She was typing away on one of those little kid primary-colored laptops.  Zoned out.  Gone.

I'm all for encouraging children to embrace technology.  But not while they're out and about!  The child was already overweight from what can easily be assumed as a lack of exercise.  A laptop in a stroller?  I can think of better uses of time and money without stretching my brain too hard.

Maybe have the child walk with you.  Maybe ask questions about the world around you.  Maybe actually have a conversation.

Am I crazy, or is a walk for walking, not zoning out with a laptop?

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Not Much Extra

As The Man and I look forward to moving in about two weeks, we're paring down our lives yet again.  When we got married and started living together (as married people do) a year ago, I went through my entire apartment and cleaned out probably a large curbside garbage bin worth of junk.  I sorted and stacked and boxed and reboxed to get my belongings into a very small space so that he'd have room to move in.  Although he didn't actually have much space when he first moved in, we've slowly evened things out to where we have more "our" space than his or mine.

But now we're moving.  And we have to box things up so that they're easier to move.  What I'm finding as I begin to pack is both awesome and frustrating.  We can't really pack much up early because we use the stuff we have.  The bathroom stuff, of course, can't be packed up until the day or two before.  Likewise, our desks, bed, and laundry can't really go anywhere until the move.  Even my kitchen stuff can't be packed up early: I use 90% of what I have at least weekly.  It's awesome because I feel like I have the right things, use them and love them, and don't need much else.  It's frustrating because I feel like I can't get organized to move yet.

Overall, I think it's a good thing to not have much extra.  I know the next time we move will be even bigger and more frustrating.  We'll probably have a dining set and a huge bed and a kitchen more full of little appliances... how much fun does that sound?

At least I got one bookcase full of books packed away.  I'm starting with the books.  I already need more boxes.  *sigh*

Monday, September 06, 2010

Priorities: How to Become Confused

When we live alone, figuring out what priorities are is easy.  If we want something and can afford it, we buy it.  We buy it in whatever color we want in whatever size works for us.  We might do some price shopping or quality comparisons, but in the end, we get what we want.

Marriage changes all of that.

As I learned (perhaps the hard way) this weekend, when two people have different ideas about what's important in life or in purchasing or even in preferences, priorities are subject to change.  What I want and what The Man wants don't always agree.  If we did always agree, I think life would be quite dull, so I'm definitely not complaining that we see the world differently.

Saturday, we went to a local furniture store that makes all of their furniture on-site.  U.S. grown lumber, U.S. made furniture, hefty price tag.  But we both fell in love with the bedroom set.  In love.  However, neither of us were especially loving the price tag, so we didn't make any purchases.  We looked online a bit and searched most of the other local stores before deciding to head downtown to Blackledge.  They have a few nice bedroom sets, and we both really like one of theirs.  It's in solid alder, as opposed to the one we love in cherry (though I'm not sure how much I'll like how cherry ages darker whereas alder won't darken).  And the price is half as much.  Do we go after the one we love (but might not like in a year once it darkens), or get the one we really like at the price we like a whole lot better?  I think we're both leaning toward the latter.

The problem is that we don't need a bedroom set nearly as much as we need a 5-piece dining set.  I'd be thrilled with a 7-piece set, but a 5-piece set with folding chairs when we have people over works just fine.  We both hate round tables and straight rectangular tables, counter-height, arrowback chairs, and anything darker than medium oak.  An oval, birch/alder/oak/bamboo, regular-height, spindle-back-chair set would be our preference, and $500 would make us super happy.  The odds of getting what we want?  I estimate impossible.

We both want a bedroom set, a dining table, and a coffee table.  We need a coffee table, a dining table, and a bedroom set (in that order).  Not to mention a new car.  Or two.

Want, want, want!  Need?  I get the "gimmees" when I fall in love at the store.  Priorities can change, right?

BLOGGER UPDATE: We found a coffee table at Target!  It's exactly like this one at just about the same price, and we still have money left from our wedding at Target to cover the cost.  SCORE!

Mission Natural Coffee Table

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Applesauce Overload

A busy weekend that's not yet over... can't wait for another day off! 

Friday night was exciting: I bought the next thirteen pieces of fabric for my second quilt.  I'm aiming to do a purples and greens log cabin, something about the pattern being a straw in the hay or a feather in the turkey or some such nonsense.  Think purples and greens in diagonal light and dark pattern.  We'll see.

Saturday left me exhausted.  We visited my grandmother and did some furniture shopping before heading over to a wedding.  The Man and I may have found the exact pieces of bedroom furniture we want, but we're not sure we're up for the price tag quite yet.  We might do things piecemeal.  We might just wait and see if there's a sale.  Or we could wait a little bit longer.  The wedding was really nice.  The bride and groom were super cute, and the company we shared at our table was fun.

Sunday, well, between Mom, Dad, Sis, The Man, and myself, we turned over seventy pounds of apples into applesauce.  We worked over five hours to peel, core, slice, mash, grind, scoop, fill, and seal apples into jars.  And since we got super good apples, we only had to add a smidge of sugar.  All the goodness and none of the guilt, right?  Right!

Tomorrow holds cutting of pieces, cleaning and working on my sewing machine, and going out to lunch with a friend.  That's it.  I'm not going anywhere other than to lunch, not spending any money, not even cooking much.  Something tells me I'll be mixing up some cookies, but some Little Red Hen better help or he's not getting any of them.

*sigh* and then I also have to start packing for our move.  Amount I want to quilt vs. the amount I want to pack... you can figure it out. :)

Friday, September 03, 2010

Share the Wealth

After a recent discussion with a friend, I realized (once again) just how lucky I am.  We spoke about someone we know who lives in an apartment.  That person and her husband are stuck when it comes to paying their rent.  Before they moved in to the complex, every transaction had to be on a money order (which is not uncommon).  After they moved in, whoever wrote the first personal check to the complex has to write the rest of them.  So if he wrote the first check, he must also sign every subsequent check to the complex.  The wife cannot write a check or do business with the complex for any reason regardless if her name appears on the check and she's authorized to write checks from a joint account.

I think it's completely stupid.  Asinine really, but I didn't say it in the conversation.  My friend disagreed, saying she understood why the complex would make up that rule.  She said she has a joint account with her husband, but he doesn't have access to the account to check the balance.  He doesn't do much, if any, of the purchasing, and he never writes checks.  She said she thought the rule was good just in case someone tried to write a check from a joint account and the other person had secretly taken all the money or something to that effect.

Really?  Do people actually live in relationships where one half of the couple has no idea what the bank balance is?  Do people simply drone on and never do any independent purchases or have a say in how their finances are handled?

The Man and I are completely transparent in how we handle money.  We've never fought over how we spend it or how much to spend or save or what to put where.  We both have access to every account under our own names (except the checking which is a single number, but whatever).  We can both transfer funds at any point.  If anything happens to either one of us, our finances are going to be taken care of by the other person no questions asked.

And I cannot imagine living in a relationship where both parties didn't have equal access to the funds!  Equal access to spend, to transfer, to save, to even look up a balance...

The only exceptions I can see are where gambling addiction or compulsive shopping are concerned, but still, the ability to look up a balance ought to be a right.

Furthermore, if an apartment complex won't accept a check with two people's names on it from either person, then there's a serious problem with the complex.  Too many shady dealings means too many shady neighbors.  Not a place I'd want to live.

Would you live in a complex with a rule like that?  Do you share ownership and responsibility over accounts, or do you have another system?  

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Need free moving boxes?

If you are moving soon and need small boxes, head over to your nearest USPS store or Post Office.  You can pick up a bundle of 25 large flat-rate boxes (approx. 12" x 12" and 5.5" deep) for FREE.  They have smaller sizes, too, also free, or you can pick up just one or two of the large boxes, no need to get a whole bundle.  I discovered this little tidbit of wisdom by searching "moving tips" online.  If you prefer to use used boxes, apparently the McDonald's french fry boxes are stellar, and liquor boxes are said to be extremely sturdy.  I went to OfficeMax last night to get boxes, but they told me they crush theirs immediately to prevent people from using their leftovers as banker boxes or some such nonsense.

Oh, yeah, by the way, The Man and I are officially moving!  We haven't quite signed the lease yet, but we put money down as a deposit and claimed an apartment.  Have no fear, local friends, we're just hopping to something about a mile away.  I hope to send out cute little "we've moved" cards once I get the craft room set up (man room? hardly).

I don't know if USPS has figured out that people use their boxes for moving, but they probably will soon.  Figure it'll come out of me as postage somehow...

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

In Which The Man's Car Turns 500,000 Miles

The Man experienced a momentous occasion last night just as he was arriving home. His little putt-putt car crossed the 500,000-mile mark. He ran inside to grab my camera and take pictures of the odometer. The moment has been preserved for eternity.

At 500,000 miles, that's enough to have driven around the earth at the equator 20 times.

At 500,000 miles, going 60mph for every mile, it would take just over 347 days to reach that many miles.

At 500,000 miles, the car averaged 21,740 miles per year, or 60 miles per day throughout its lifetime.

The car chugs oil, puffs oil, and oozes oil, but it gets over 30mpg highway still, and in-town driving is nearly as good. It could use a good scrubbing on the inside, but there isn't a scratch in the upholstery, and the carpets and roof liner are fully intact. And it smells pretty good on the inside, too!

Congratulations to The Man (and his father, mostly) for keeping the putt-putt car going strong.

(Now does anyone want to buy us a new car?!?)