Sunday, September 12, 2010

Achin' Backs All Around

It has been a long weekend at Chez Jaggy.  Wednesday night, The Man injured his back while playing soccer.  He didn't get hurt, he just tweaked it somehow and sent his entire lower pack into spasms.  Thursday morning was an adventure trying to get him to immediate care and then to the pharmacy for happy pills.  As he could barely get up without assistance, I was home all day with him.  I worked Friday, and he managed to go a half-day.  Friday night was pretty lazy until we went to watch his soccer team play a later game (The Man was sad to not play, but even watching was uncomfortable for him).

Saturday was a lot of work.  We got up early and went to a local car dealership where we test-drove a fancy schmancy new Camry.  Since The Man works at a dealership, he's around new cars all the time.  And his car just turned 500,000 miles, so he's on the market.  With two incomes (yay!), we have zero debt except our student loans (there's not really any incentive to pay those off in the next year).  A new car may be in our not-so-distant future.  We left the dealership and drove to my parents' house.  There, The Man took a long, restful nap to relax his back while Mom, Dad, and I shored up the bottom edge of their new fence and filled in river rock all along the bottom edge.  I probably filled fifty or sixty two-gallon buckets with river rocks while Mom emptied them just after Dad got the boards in the right place.  We were outside for probably two hours working hard.  They needed to drive up to McMinnville for something, so we all hopped in the car and drove up there together.  We may have taken a detour through Tigard to Sweet Tomatoes, but my memory isn't so good, you see. :P

Sunday has been busy.  The Man and I went for a beautiful (hot!) walk out at Fitton Green.  I processed three loads of laundry, two dishwasher loads of dishes, and started piecing my quilt.  Grandma was kind enough to give me a dozen quart wide-mouth mason jars to use in my "pantry."  I put things like brown sugar and chocolate chips in them, and then I put the plastic screw-on lids on the jars.  Nothing is actually "canned" as much as stored air-tight.  I only have four or five of the jars filled at the moment, but once we get moved, I can get a few more bulk goods to put in them.  My flours and sugar are stored in OXO pop-top containers, which I love, but at $15 each, the mason jars are a much better deal (free jars, $4 for 8 lids at Bi-Mart).  Not to mention I can always use them for real canning if I ever need to do that.

Now I just have to make dinner, make cookies, and work on my quilt.  Oh, and keep packing...

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