Sunday, September 05, 2010

Applesauce Overload

A busy weekend that's not yet over... can't wait for another day off! 

Friday night was exciting: I bought the next thirteen pieces of fabric for my second quilt.  I'm aiming to do a purples and greens log cabin, something about the pattern being a straw in the hay or a feather in the turkey or some such nonsense.  Think purples and greens in diagonal light and dark pattern.  We'll see.

Saturday left me exhausted.  We visited my grandmother and did some furniture shopping before heading over to a wedding.  The Man and I may have found the exact pieces of bedroom furniture we want, but we're not sure we're up for the price tag quite yet.  We might do things piecemeal.  We might just wait and see if there's a sale.  Or we could wait a little bit longer.  The wedding was really nice.  The bride and groom were super cute, and the company we shared at our table was fun.

Sunday, well, between Mom, Dad, Sis, The Man, and myself, we turned over seventy pounds of apples into applesauce.  We worked over five hours to peel, core, slice, mash, grind, scoop, fill, and seal apples into jars.  And since we got super good apples, we only had to add a smidge of sugar.  All the goodness and none of the guilt, right?  Right!

Tomorrow holds cutting of pieces, cleaning and working on my sewing machine, and going out to lunch with a friend.  That's it.  I'm not going anywhere other than to lunch, not spending any money, not even cooking much.  Something tells me I'll be mixing up some cookies, but some Little Red Hen better help or he's not getting any of them.

*sigh* and then I also have to start packing for our move.  Amount I want to quilt vs. the amount I want to pack... you can figure it out. :)

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