Wednesday, September 01, 2010

In Which The Man's Car Turns 500,000 Miles

The Man experienced a momentous occasion last night just as he was arriving home. His little putt-putt car crossed the 500,000-mile mark. He ran inside to grab my camera and take pictures of the odometer. The moment has been preserved for eternity.

At 500,000 miles, that's enough to have driven around the earth at the equator 20 times.

At 500,000 miles, going 60mph for every mile, it would take just over 347 days to reach that many miles.

At 500,000 miles, the car averaged 21,740 miles per year, or 60 miles per day throughout its lifetime.

The car chugs oil, puffs oil, and oozes oil, but it gets over 30mpg highway still, and in-town driving is nearly as good. It could use a good scrubbing on the inside, but there isn't a scratch in the upholstery, and the carpets and roof liner are fully intact. And it smells pretty good on the inside, too!

Congratulations to The Man (and his father, mostly) for keeping the putt-putt car going strong.

(Now does anyone want to buy us a new car?!?)


MissKris said...

Years ago there was an article in The Oregonian about a man who commuted to Eugene and back to Portland every day. He'd been doing it for years and had over 1 million miles on his car. If memory serves me right I think it was a Mercedes. Even so, 500,000 is quite a milestone...forgive the pun, ha! Congratulations to him.

Skunk said...

Wow. Just... wow.


Dr. Weirdbeard said...

Actually, the driver's side mat was either replaced or removed. Dad wore a hole completely through the original mat from where his heel rested for the gas pedal.
Isn't the driver's side seat also a bit tore up? Or was that just the seat cover?
Still, there's no major blemishes or accidents!

More trivia: The Man got rid of a newer vehicle with half the miles in favor of this vehicle due to reliability and performance