Friday, September 10, 2010

It's called a WALK, not a Zone Out

So I was driving home yesterday and saw a woman taking her child for a walk.  The woman wasn't out of the ordinary, nor is a mommy and her child walking particularly unusual.  The woman was pushing the child--clearly older than a toddler--in a stroller.  It wasn't a big-wheeled athletic-looking stroller, nor was it an umbrella stroller.  Sort of a stroller in the mid-range type.  I looked at the child and noticed one very startling thing: the kid wasn't even paying attention or interacting with the world.  She was typing away on one of those little kid primary-colored laptops.  Zoned out.  Gone.

I'm all for encouraging children to embrace technology.  But not while they're out and about!  The child was already overweight from what can easily be assumed as a lack of exercise.  A laptop in a stroller?  I can think of better uses of time and money without stretching my brain too hard.

Maybe have the child walk with you.  Maybe ask questions about the world around you.  Maybe actually have a conversation.

Am I crazy, or is a walk for walking, not zoning out with a laptop?


Jules said...

oh, a walk isn't for texting? ;)

Skunk said...

That is beyond depressing.