Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's Raining, It's Pouring

The old adage of, "when it rains, it pours," rarely holds true for Oregon.  It usually just rains.  Last night, however, in the only two-minute stretch we actually had to be outside, it. flat. poured.  Between the store and our car, both The Man and I were completely soaked, and I thought we parked pretty close.  I think it was all the humidity we've had finally condensing and breaking loose.  Driving slowly through town was difficult with so much rain.  But I'm glad the rains are back.

Friday night was an adventure.  The Man had a soccer game, so I went to my parents' to spend time with my cousin and his family who were in town for the OSU game this weekend.  They have three children, one in school and two younger ones.  The kids don't really remember me from one visit to the next, but they're learning.  We had a great time packing around a purse with fake lipstick and playing with many of the toys Mom saved from my childhood.  I didn't get home until almost midnight--a late night out for me!

Saturday was super busy.  The Man went to his best friend's to help with some lifting or moving or something, and then the guys played video games together all day.  I spent five hours custom designing our moving announcements and hand-drawing the map for the inside.  I also got a bunch of pictures printed and picked them up, did two loads of laundry, got the grocery shopping done for the week, packed several more boxes, and quilted a bit.

Today's goals include packing up most of the kitchen, ordering our new furniture, and more quilting.  Oh, and relaxing.  If I get that last one accomplished, it'll be a successful day. :)

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