Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Living out of Boxes

It's a weird feeling to see your entire life put in boxes.  I feel good that we had to wait until the last minute to box things up because we actually use the things that need to go into boxes.  I feel really guilty seeing that many boxes.  Then I remind myself that half of the boxes currently filled contain only books.  Not really sure what to think of the amount of books The Man and I have: either we're really smart or we're really crazy.

Speaking of crazy reading (odd segue), we recently watched a fantastic movie: Into the Wild.  The movie kept appearing in my Netflix recommended list, and I kept putting it off thinking it sounded hippy-dippy stupid.  It's NOT!  The movie is a true story about a guy just a year or two younger than me giving up his privileged life and living as a wanderer and finally an Alaskan wilderness survivor--for a while.  Telling you the movie is tragic pretty much gives away the fact that the guy dies in the end, but it's such an amazing film.  Sean Penn directed, and several scenes were filmed in Oregon.  The main actor did all of his own stunts and lost over forty pounds toward the end of the filming process to portray the character accurately.  It's stunning.  And it's all true (with very small liberties taken for the movie).

Just goes to show me that I don't really need all the stuff I have in boxes.

(But I'm keeping it anyway--because the guy died in the end, a pretty good indication that we do need some stuff.)

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