Thursday, September 16, 2010

Muggy Balmy Blah

I haven't had much to talk about this week.  It has been warm and humid in the valley, so I haven't really done anything.  The Man and I packed our books up--that took over an hour.  I plan to finish the packing this weekend and early next week.  We hope to move the majority of our stuff late next week.

I did get to quilt a bit each night.  I have the center four pieces together with the plan to get another strip on each block tonight.  Takes time to do 41 of the same stitch for each block, but I run the blocks through one after another and whip things out quick.

We're headed out to dinner tonight with one of The Man's college friends.  Besides getting to quilt and dinner, I just want to sleep.

Bring on the good rain, the cool temperatures, the real Oregon autumn!

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MissKris said...

I hate this sticky muggy weather too, Mrs. Jaggy. Bring on a good Pacific rain storm!! Yesterday when the grandboys and I went for a walk around the general neighborhood I let them stomp in every mud puddle they came across. They were soaked by the time we got home but, boy, did they have fun! It was so warm I figured it couldn't hurt them and I remember how much I loved stomping in mud puddles, too. Moving? Yuck!