Thursday, September 02, 2010

Need free moving boxes?

If you are moving soon and need small boxes, head over to your nearest USPS store or Post Office.  You can pick up a bundle of 25 large flat-rate boxes (approx. 12" x 12" and 5.5" deep) for FREE.  They have smaller sizes, too, also free, or you can pick up just one or two of the large boxes, no need to get a whole bundle.  I discovered this little tidbit of wisdom by searching "moving tips" online.  If you prefer to use used boxes, apparently the McDonald's french fry boxes are stellar, and liquor boxes are said to be extremely sturdy.  I went to OfficeMax last night to get boxes, but they told me they crush theirs immediately to prevent people from using their leftovers as banker boxes or some such nonsense.

Oh, yeah, by the way, The Man and I are officially moving!  We haven't quite signed the lease yet, but we put money down as a deposit and claimed an apartment.  Have no fear, local friends, we're just hopping to something about a mile away.  I hope to send out cute little "we've moved" cards once I get the craft room set up (man room? hardly).

I don't know if USPS has figured out that people use their boxes for moving, but they probably will soon.  Figure it'll come out of me as postage somehow...

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