Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Countertops!

Our apartment complex graciously offered to pay for new countertops in our unit after we moved in since the ones that were there were pretty ugly and scratched badly.  We used to have canary/mustard/tan countertops, and now we have black, brown, and cream.  They look much, much nicer.

The best part?  The contractor didn't even have to take the counters out!  They "reglazed" the tops in place.  The canary/mustard/tan stuff is still there, just underneath the pretty new stuff.  The contractor explained to me that it's sort of like paint used on cars, except they don't spray the huge, heavy clear coat on top (because who needs to drive a kitchen at 60mph down the highway?).  It will be maintained just the same way as laminate, just wipe and go.  Don't put hot things on it (duh), and don't cut directly on it (duh), and don't use scratchy things on it (duh).

So our apartment is a little tiny bit smelly from all the spraying the contractor did, sort of like a mild nail salon, but it's quickly dissipating.  Since we closed our bedroom doors, there's no smell back there.  We can use the bathroom sink (they did the counter there too) to brush our teeth tonight, and we can be "in business" in the kitchen by noon tomorrow.

Oh, and the company that did the counters was StrongArm Reglaze.  They're out Springfield, a family-owned company, and the guy that came and worked in our apartment was SUPER nice.  He was thorough and kind and treated our place very well.  You can look them up online.  They advertise themselves as a "green" company seeing that they spray over existing counters, tubs, and sinks, rather than replacing the entire thing.  I'm impressed!  (That was an unpaid testimonial... I never make money on my poor bloggy.)

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MissKris said...

I SOOOOOOOOOOO want to do this in my own kitchen but we may be having some super-huge life changes here in the not-too-distant future so everything is on hold until we find things out for sure. I have another bloggy friend who did this to hers and she posted pictures...the final results look fantastic, so I'm sure yours must, too. Boy, you and The Man sure have been busy lately with all kinds of changes!