Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A New Rule that I Just Made Up (re: DWTS)

As a dancer myself, I don't often tune in to watch Dancing With The Stars.  While the contestants may be stars, they aren't exactly dancing.  They're performing choreography.  And I assure you, there is a huge difference between knowing what is coming next and not knowing what move a partner will throw at you next.  The Man and I dance, that is, make it up as we go along.  I'd argue it takes much more knowledge of the dance to be able to respond on the fly than to simply choreograph a routine and do the same patterns over and over and over.

So I have a new rule for the show: contestants cannot have any prior dancing or choreography experience.  No tap dance, no ballet, no jazz, no ballroom, nothing related to dancing after the age of seven.  Any prior experience with dancing or choreography can give contestants a significant advantage over the other competitors.

Remember what happened last season with Donny Osmond?  I have nothing against Mr. Osmond, but his lifetime of stage performance and choreographed routines gave him a huge boost.  He mastered dances faster and better than the other contestants because he has practice doing exactly that.  I imagine Jennifer Gray's situation will likely be the same this year.  The only reason I think she wouldn't win is because she doesn't have the 40-to-50-something female fan base like Mr. Osmond (not to mention a certain religion's vote).

As the rule has been pronounced, so shall it be written.  No prior dance experience for DWTS competitors.  Zilch.  End of story.

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