Monday, September 27, 2010

One Last Look

I vetoed the idea of accomplishment today and settled for crafting and creating.  I did have to go over to the old apartment today and pick up our last mail and do the walk-through.  They said we did a fantastic job cleaning and will probably only charge me for the carpet cleaning (which is total crap--that should be a fee they absorb).  I was both sad and happy to be moving on and taking that one last look around my very empty apartment.  The more I am here at the new place, the happier I am, but it's still sad to leave the other apartment.  That was home for the last three years.

In a sweaty-hot hour of productivity, I scoured the kitchen and bathroom floors and mopped all of the hard floors really well.  There's some funky stuff along the edge of the bathtub that might need to be caulked over now that I'm sure it's clean, but otherwise the floors are looking much better.  Professional cleaners apparently came through the place before we moved in, but they obviously were working blind or limbless or not really at all.

Just have to make dinner and hang some pictures and I'm done for the night.  Done, as in, not moving from the TV or computer chair or bed except to move between the three.  Work tomorrow. *sigh*

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