Monday, September 06, 2010

Priorities: How to Become Confused

When we live alone, figuring out what priorities are is easy.  If we want something and can afford it, we buy it.  We buy it in whatever color we want in whatever size works for us.  We might do some price shopping or quality comparisons, but in the end, we get what we want.

Marriage changes all of that.

As I learned (perhaps the hard way) this weekend, when two people have different ideas about what's important in life or in purchasing or even in preferences, priorities are subject to change.  What I want and what The Man wants don't always agree.  If we did always agree, I think life would be quite dull, so I'm definitely not complaining that we see the world differently.

Saturday, we went to a local furniture store that makes all of their furniture on-site.  U.S. grown lumber, U.S. made furniture, hefty price tag.  But we both fell in love with the bedroom set.  In love.  However, neither of us were especially loving the price tag, so we didn't make any purchases.  We looked online a bit and searched most of the other local stores before deciding to head downtown to Blackledge.  They have a few nice bedroom sets, and we both really like one of theirs.  It's in solid alder, as opposed to the one we love in cherry (though I'm not sure how much I'll like how cherry ages darker whereas alder won't darken).  And the price is half as much.  Do we go after the one we love (but might not like in a year once it darkens), or get the one we really like at the price we like a whole lot better?  I think we're both leaning toward the latter.

The problem is that we don't need a bedroom set nearly as much as we need a 5-piece dining set.  I'd be thrilled with a 7-piece set, but a 5-piece set with folding chairs when we have people over works just fine.  We both hate round tables and straight rectangular tables, counter-height, arrowback chairs, and anything darker than medium oak.  An oval, birch/alder/oak/bamboo, regular-height, spindle-back-chair set would be our preference, and $500 would make us super happy.  The odds of getting what we want?  I estimate impossible.

We both want a bedroom set, a dining table, and a coffee table.  We need a coffee table, a dining table, and a bedroom set (in that order).  Not to mention a new car.  Or two.

Want, want, want!  Need?  I get the "gimmees" when I fall in love at the store.  Priorities can change, right?

BLOGGER UPDATE: We found a coffee table at Target!  It's exactly like this one at just about the same price, and we still have money left from our wedding at Target to cover the cost.  SCORE!

Mission Natural Coffee Table


Dr. Weirdbeard said...

Hit up Craigslist for the table. I got mine with chairs for $250; I probably could have haggled them down if I was good at that.

Anonymous said...

dude, i was looking at the SAME one. oh man...