Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pushing too Hard

We are completely unpacked.  We packed, moved, and unpacked everything we own (and a few things we may or may not "officially" own) in four days.  I'm not saying we simply moved it and are living out of boxes, oh no, we're done.  We can have company over.  I'll hang a few pictures tomorrow just to make the place look lived in, but I don't really consider artwork part of unpacking.

I learned something important about myself in this move.  Sometimes I'm a little to dogged in getting everything done in one day.  I worked really hard yesterday to get stuff situated.  I pushed hard until at least 10:00pm, stopping only to eat lunch with our moving crew and dinner with The Man's brother.  I finally reached a point where I could not get up without nearly falling over.  "Put one more thing away," I kept telling myself, "just get this box done."  Five boxes later, I was still moving.  But box number six had to be put aside for a shower. 

I went to bed around 11:30pm or so and slept through my alarm until well past 8:00am.  The Man and I got up and ran a bunch of errands.  Just after lunch, I sort of melted.  Not emotionally, just a physical melting.  My head started pounding, my body weak... The Man told me to take a nap.  Much as I don't like naps, I didn't argue.  He covered me with my blankey, gave me a kiss, and left me to sleep for nearly two hours.

That was the best two hours of my entire weekend.

Between 4:00pm and 6:30pm, we worked together to organize our extra bedroom's closet on the new shelves my sister bought us with the matching tote bins The Man's parents helped us buy.  It all looks so nice.  I need to get a few of the larger totes to replace copy paper boxes, but that can wait for sales and coupons.  I thought I could be all ambitious and get the hard floors scrubbed today, but that'll be my one big project for tomorrow.

We took a break tonight to go to Mass where neither of us had to look at a box, a project, a list... and we came home to a fully unpacked apartment.  Yes, I pushed myself too hard, but we're done.  Phew.

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