Friday, October 15, 2010

Goodbye Uncle Chuck

Following a stroke and bleeding in the brain, my uncle passed away this morning.  I'm sure he met St. Peter and St. Paul at the pearly gates in full leather with his motorcycle engine roarin.'

I have quite a few uncles, as my parents both had several siblings.  These people are blood-related to me, so they are "Aunt Jane" and "Uncle John" to me (never just the first name, but that's another story).  Some of their siblings have married and remarried.  If I've grown up with that significant other, they're my aunts or uncles too.  My mom's younger-older brother and his wife are--without a doubt--"Uncle..." and "Aunt..."  But I have another aunt who has remarried a man who I do not call "Uncle..."  He is not my uncle.  He is just a guy who married into the family that I like.  Not a good or bad thing, just not "Uncle."

My uncle who passed away never actually married my aunt.  He had no legal or religious reason for me to call him my uncle.  However, he was always kind and respectful toward me, and he made my aunt very, very happy.  He fit right in to the family--certainly a bunch of characters, and he was one.  I'm not often one to "adopt" family as I have such an awesome real family, but this uncle earned it.  He was my uncle and my "Uncle Chuck"  And for me, that's saying something.


MissKris said...

Oh, heart and prayers go out to you and the family members affected by his passing.

Anonymous said...

it is all just so sad. just thinking about it makes me all emotional again... and again... and i will miss our uncle chuck.

Anonymous said...

He always had a smile for everyone!