Friday, October 22, 2010

No More Drive-Bys, Please

My mother does it.  Apparently some of my coworkers do it.  I even have friends who do it.  And I can't stand it!  They are snoopy, creepy, stalker people who find it necessary to do a drive-by to find out where someone lives.

For example, The Man and I just moved.  We sent out moving announcements to let people know where we live now.  I even took extra time to draw a map for them.  You'd think that was enough, but no.  They saw the map and then had to ask, "okay, where is that exactly?"  It's right there!  Where the big yellow star is on the map!  Hello!

But they plugged our new address into their computers and GPS devices just to get a different angle.  Some of them even followed their GPS all the way to our physical location just to see where we live.  They didn't come up to the door, didn't knock, didn't stop and say hi, no, they just drove by.  Slowly.

I realize that addresses are public information, but I think there should be a law against stalking someone just to see where they live.  As if the exterior of our giant apartment complex with absolutely no personal touches by us has any sort of reflection on the type of people we are, the amount of money we have, or our ability to do yard work.  It's one thing if someone actually designed a house or did some major landscaping... then I could see an inspection-type drive-by.  But for an apartment?  Really?

No more drive-by stalking.  Please.  It's just creepy.

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