Monday, October 18, 2010

Oil, Filter, and Cat Change

Dad had some excitement when he went to change the oil in my car this weekend.  He lifted the hood on my little car to find a mass of fur sitting on top of some part of the engine back by the firewall.  Apparently a cat crawled up under the hood and died sometime in the last month (since that's the last time I know I checked my oil).

We've accounted for both of my parents full-grown-and-much-too-large-to-fit cats.  The Man and I looked around our apartment complex for signs indicating a missing cat and found nothing.  The one black cat that we know about was alive and very friendly the day after Dad changed my oil, so we know it's not that one.  He thinks it was a feral cat from behind their property that was looking pretty sick.  He said they recently found another dead cat up by their house, so he knows they're around.  Simon and Isabelle (their cats) don't go outside the garage either, so there's little risk of them getting sick from the feral cats.

Mom sent me a picture of the cat on my phone, and it didn't really look like anything but a sleeping cat on my engine.  No blood and guts, no burns, just dead.  Dad said there was no smell.  We really just have no idea how the cat got up in there or how long it had been there.  Part of me feels bad for the poor kitty, but maybe it's better to go on a warm engine that at the teeth of something more vicious.

I already promised Dad I'd not send my car to him with a cat under the hood next time he changes my oil.  Bet his ticker was tickin' awfully hard when he saw that!


cm0978 said...

Wow, what a story! I have never heard of anything like that happening. Not the sort of story you want to submit to Cat Fancy, though. :)

MissKris said...

Poor kitty! But I'm always wondering if we'll find the same thing sometime. The feral cats in the neighborhood are always creeping around under our vehicles and climbing up underneath. I've heard they like the warmth from the engines when it's cold outside.

Strayer said...

I trapped some cats for a woman on Salem road, took them to be fixed, brought them back. At least I thought so. But then during the next week, I was sure I"d hear something in my garage. I finally went out, turned off the lights and used a flashlight to spot for eyes. I spotted eyes. I thought it must be a possum and set a trap. But, I caught a cat and the cat I caught was the one I had released on Salem Road, miles away. I opened my car hood and there are paw prints all over the engine heat sheild. I wonder in that week if he took many rides with me. I took him back and let him loose a long way from my car. But, he made a beeline for my car and disappeared under it. He had again climbed up into my engine. This time, I got him out, before taking off.

A seed farmer called me once, a guy I trapped a zillion cats for, to be fixed. He was desperate. His wife had arrived at the warehouse and heard something under the hood. He went out and opened it, and a kitten, from his residence, ten miles away charged out. He wanted me to find him, in all those warehouses, and lots of other cats, which I did. We named him Engine Rider, got him neutered, and he got a home. But his sister, back at the residence, was also a daredevil. His wife called when I was at the warehouse. Sudden rainstorm. She was in the culvert, and it had blocked. She was drowning. He and i jumped in his rig and burned rubber getting back there, and fished her out. She was spayed and named Water Baby. Two dare devil kittens. Boy.

If your folks want the feral cats around their place fixed, I can do that. I can't take anymore in, but I can get them fixed.

Strayer said...

According to craigslist lost and found section, there is a black cat, Prowler, missing from the area of 5th and B, in Corvallis and a mostly black cat missing from Lebanon, near Elmore and Grove.