Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Show the Kids Some Courtesy, Will Ya?

I recently attended a charity event (name withheld) where some teenagers performed a few song and dance numbers.  They were the dinnertime entertainment between courses.  Seeing that I was sitting a narrow gym's distance across from these performers, who were singing into microphones, I expected to hear them sing.  I expected a lot of things, I guess, none of which actually happened.

My biggest complaint of the entire charity event was the guests.  As the teens began singing, the guests just talked louder.  To hear each other across the table (a library table, not even a round table), we had to speak up, though we did know better than to talk during the performances.  Furthermore, guests would get up and amble about blocking the view for other guests, and distracting other guests, and completely ignoring the performers.  I was ashamed to be a part of the audience and felt terrible for these kids who had put so much work into the performance.  It's not easy to get up in front of people, I know (seven years of band anyone?).  But I can't imagine it's any easier to get up in front of people who are ignoring you or are rudely trying to outperform you decibel-wise.

If you are ever invited to an event, regardless of what kind of event, if there is anything more than a background orchestra, show some courtesy, will ya?  Please?

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