Saturday, October 02, 2010

The Showcase Showdown

The Man and I deliberated for a long time about this decision.  We researched.  We thought.  We consulted each other.  We talked to people.  In fact, I think we talked to too many people.  Today was a big day for us, a very big, very expensive day.  We bought a brand new car.

As previously mentioned, The Man's car recently turned 500,000 miles.  Yes, you did read that correctly.  He has never owned anything but a hand-me-down car (which is not a complaint, just a fact).  He works at a dealership, so he sees fancy new cars every day.  When I mean "researched" a car, I mean he test drove at least one of everything, got to see all the bells and whistles on many, many car types, got to feel out what he does and doesn't like.  Not just sitting at a computer looking, but actually driving, working on, looking at, and reading about cars.  All day long.  For months.

The dealership we bought from offered him a fantastic employee discount, a recent graduate discount, and 0% financing.  When the deal was all said and done, the dealership lost money selling us a car.  We drove it off the lot and it actually gained more value than what we paid for it.

Sorry, no details about the car here.  I'll suffice to say it's an imported car with a few slight modifications that make it look sporty and sleek.  But it's still a family car and not some mid-life-crisis car, so don't worry.  We didn't loose our heads with this purchase.

While buying a new car was stressful (to say the least), I'm glad we did it.  Hopefully it will last us a very long time.  *crosses fingers*  The Man is absolutely giddy today, and I feel like we just won the Showcase Showdown on The Price is Right!  (Except we have to pay for it...)


cm0978 said...

And it looks very nice! Really enjoyed riding in it today. Congratulations on that first big decision together!

Jules said...

argh! How did I miss seeing it today?! Congrats!