Saturday, October 30, 2010

Time to Clean out the Cob Webs Already

I don't really know what a "cob web" is come to think of it.  I know what a cob is, and I know what a web is, and I have no idea how a cob gets a web or a web can get a cob.  Whatever they are, they need to disappear!

When The Man and I moved recently, we purchased two sets of Sterilite shelving.  I've slowly been amassing totes in order to clean out our cluttered extra closet.  I have six of the clear large size and six of the clear small size, but I could use about six more of the big ones.  The smaller ones work great for fabric scraps, computer games, and various other little items.  The big totes are full of blankets and bedding, games, and junk we (I) insist on keeping (like my pencil collection which is too big for one of the little totes).  None of the containers are perfectly water tight or bug proof, but they do make moving things and searching for things easier.  With the handy-dandy label maker The Man bought me for my up-coming birthday, I have everything neatly labeled and sorted.  Phew!

I've felt pretty bad today with a nasty headache.  We'll call it a head cobweb for all the inability-to-think I suffered.  My parents stopped this morning, and I wasn't even much of a conversationalist with them.  Felt kinda bad.  I braved post-OSU-football-game traffic this evening to get over to Bi-Mart to look at a lamp and a bookcase.  I was surprised at the lack of candy left for Halloween tomorrow.

Speaking of Halloween and cob webs and all that spooky stuff, did you know it's Christmas already?  Oh yeah, it's October and the stores are fully decked out in red and green.  Michael's is the worst offender in my book.  They don't even have a Thanksgiving decoration selection, just eighteen aisles of glittered faux flowers, bins overflowing with imported rubbish, and the world's most hideous display of non-green fake Christmas trees.  I'm all for fake trees, but a purple fake tree?  Really?

Laundry to do, dishes to do, a month's worth of menus to plan, and a shopping list to make.  And two hours to get it all done before bed.  I'm hungry.


Skunk said...

Hey, I'm all for the purpled, feathered, glittered, fake Christmas trees! Sparkly... :D

Anonymous said...

Cobwebs are the enemy and dust is right up there too! Now you can appreciate the "every Saturday house cleaning routine" that you had as a kid when you were growing up.

Jaggy said...

No, no, I still don't appreciate spit-shining the bathtub or elbow-greasing the linoleum every week. Not even close.